Your Online Privacy Is At Risk- Protect It From Identity Theft

Why Is It Significant To Secure Your Identity?

Identity Theft Protection

In today’s information-based world, the most valuable thing is your identity.  It includes all your personal details such as your name, credit/debit card number, address, phone number or your online profile. Identity theft is a white collar crime that strikes millions of online users annually. An identity thief steals your identity, your credit and damages your reputation. With your personal information and a little knowledge, these thieves can easily use your identity for their gain.

Additionally, with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, cyber criminals are able to access a wealth of personal details online. These criminals thoroughly go through your social networks to see what they can find to help them steal your money. This information available online can help cyber-criminals to hack into your other accounts, such as banking and online storage as well.

Moreover, users carelessly post their opinions, photos, and personal data on social networking sites. There are many examples where TMI (too-much-information) sharing online has led to bad outcomes for those users who over-share. A campaign in the US called, shows how easily a computer hacker can breach a consumer’s data from their own Facebook account.

Hence, it is extremely important to do all you can to help prevent identity theft. Here are few tips to avoid it:

  • Update your system with the latest antivirus software such as eScan that provides enhanced protection against evolving internet threats.
  • Never keep an easy password based on personal information for your online accounts. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Split your emails, rather than connecting Facebook, Twitter, newsgroups, shopping and banking sites to one email address.
  • Be suspicious of URLs sent in unsolicited email or text messages.
  • Do not provide sensitive information through email, and use caution when clicking on links in email messages.
  • Regularly check your accounts for any unusual activity.
  • Before providing personal or financial information, check the website’s privacy policy.
  • Monitor your child’s online activity to protect him/her from online danger and consider implementing parental controls in your computer, tablet and mobile. Additionally, parents need to educate their kids about the online dangers too.

However for enhanced Identity Protection, Install eScan Total Security Suite with Cloud Security that efficiently protects your sensitive personal information, such as credit card numbers, mobile numbers or passwords for online services. Upon detecting any attempt to send protected information to the Internet, eScan blocks the transmission automatically, thus protecting you from falling prey of Identity theft.

To get the free trial of eScan Total Security Suite with Cloud Security, click the following link:

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