Web Security: A Major Hurdle for Organizations

web security

Internet being the undeniably biggest growing market in the digitization era, are stressing on the necessity of Online Security. The development of technology happened in such a way that enterprises adopting it are lacking much on the Online Security measures to protect the data and digital identity of their customers/ partners. It is just similar to that of retail stores minimizing the risk of theft or shop-lifting by installation of surveillance cameras. If any organization is looking for online security of their critical data, then related safety measures are very important.
In the age of information, each and everything has its value and can be misused in multiple ways, unless necessary precautions are taken to prevent online attacks, as performed by hackers. We are always in danger to suffer financial losses, integrity and even mental peace. We regret such incidents which might have been easily avoided if we would have invested in Online Security measures.
The first important step to hide information shared in your site from potentially harmful eyes is to ensure SSL certification. The beginning of a URL that starts with https:// instead of http:// is much secured.

ssl certfication

Today encrypted sites are clearly displayed with green padlock signs in the Web browser. This is a signal to the user, that his/ her session with the website is encrypted. This ensures all communication are secured with a key that can not be retrieved easily by third parties and thus communication is secured and cannot be read. In case SSL certificate is unused by a website, the information goes in simple text format that is interrupted easily and is readable for anyone.
The risks of not investing in Online Security are much higher than the owners anticipate. The larger the company and business potential, the risk of attacks and data theft are also high. However, smaller businesses are targeted as well, since they often lack fundamental Online Security measures. As a result, they are easy targets.
Securing your website and its information with the readers establishes a trustworthy environment to conduct daily businesses. Since technology is evolving every day, it is logical to stay updated when it comes to Cyber Security and take necessary precautions. The trust factor is very important in this respect. You need to cross-check if online security is adhered to the system and the organization hardly have resources to migrate to HTTPS. It is advisable to get a specialist on-board to enable to do so by visiting HTTPS.IN.

Extended Validation Certificate

extended validity

This is the newest SSL certificate which gives more confidence to the users and takes the control of any given website. Extended validation certificate reassures the users that they are viewing the authentic website and it is not anything else in disguise. It displays a green address bar while the users log in to the website and on the right side of the address bar there displays a notice space which shows the legal company name and certification authority which authenticated the validation certificate. This helps the organizations to increase credibility and establish online trust in terms of viewership.

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