USB Scam

Very recently I came across a USB scam, which has been briefly explained.

Modus Operendi:

A salesman comes to you and offers to sell a USB Pen-Drive at throw-away prices. In this case the salesman was offering 32GB or 16 GB Transcend pendrives for 300.00 INR. He even goes to the extent of attaching the pendrive to the system and showing the size of the pen-drive to be 16 gb and copies a few files to prove that everything is normal.

But all is not well over here, upon closer inspection, it was discovered that it was a spoof of the original pendrive vis’a’vis the hardware casing. The edges were rough and finishing was not smooth. This is as far as the look and feel of the pen-drive in its physical shape.

Tools to test the integrity of pen-drives

1:ChipGenius V2.64*

2:Pen Drive read-write Test Verification (563)

Download these tools and use it to verify the authenticity of the PenDrive.

Pen-Drives when inserted into the system present themselves with the vendor ID and the device is signed with the Vendors trademark eg. JetFlash Transcend .

How this is done:

Many warez websites offer firmware manipulation kits also known as MTTools or manufacturer tools, which are used to reformat the pen drive to the desired size where PNP ID is changed to a default ID.

Though the brandnames are numerous, but the Chipset manufacturers are very few, Alcor Phison, USBest to name a few whose manufacturer tools (MTTools) are available on the net.

* Chip Genius will also notify you the MTTool which needs to be used to re-format the pendrive. Search in Google for this particular version.

** MTTools if wrongly configured may corrupt the pendrive. Use MTTools carefully.

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