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Mandiant Virus: the Adversities and Dangers

We have found lot of questions online regarding Mandiant virus. Keeping those in mind, we thought of enlightening our readers and users regarding the same. What is Mandiant Virus? It is a Ransomware belonging to the family of Urausy, which … Continue reading

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RU a nightmare ?

Dont judge a book by its cover and a blog by its title. The title of today’s blog-post isn’t your daily SMS lingo, it is infact about .RU domains. Ask any security guy about .ru and they will promptly say … Continue reading

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A different method of a Malware-GroupUn Diferente Método de un Grupo de Malware

Sometimes even I am surprised at efforts these bad-guys put in order to ensure that the computer systems of unsuspecting victims are infected. In the past we have seen, a simple straight forward method of registering domains , IP addresses … Continue reading

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All Fools DayDía de las Bromas

On all fools day, everyone is wanting to have some fun , fool others  and generally like to spend an enjoyable time. However when it comes to us, its more or less of a routine.  The element of surprise is … Continue reading

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