Freebies are always a lure. It is well known that whenever there is something which looks or sounds too good to be true, is always a trap. From festival offer scams to celebrity picture download scams, now the Reliance Jio scam is unfolded by the cybercriminal to lure people and get easy money by unscrupulous elements on the prowl to steal from unsuspecting victims. The general mindset is to jump of for any freebie offer and that spreads like wild fire making more victims fall for it.

eScan research team unearthed recently a fast spreading SIM Card Scam for Reliance Jio. With the growing demand for Reliance Jio SIM in lieu of the 3 free downloads till Dec end is making people to rush for securing a Jio Card by any means.

This has prompted some people to float a website to victimize the people who want to get a free Reliance Jio SIM card through their portal. Where they ask for personal and sensitive details of the person and then ask to pay Rs.199 towards logistic charges using credit / debit / wallets etc. However, these seems to be not an authorized agent, as presently you can get a Reliance Jio SIM card only from Reliance Digital Store or Mini Express shop after showing either of the address proof, identity proof and a passport size photograph. The data collected by could be misused to dupe either financially or many other criminal ways.

Hence eScan would like to appeal to the general public to not to fall prey to such schemes online or otherwise and stay away from procuring the SIM cards.  Our advice remains that people must check the authenticity before choosing to take benefit of such luring offers.

Our research team has taken precautionary measures to alert all Govt and law enforcement agencies including Reliance officials to take proactive steps curb these activities.

P>S: This is to provide an alert to all general public from falling victims for the fast spreading scams to procure 4G Sims free.

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