Ransomware variants vying for the top slot

eScan Threat Assesment

eScan Threat Assessment

WannaCry Ransomware is a game changer at all levels in the arena ruled by the likes of Reveton, CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, Locky etc. WannaCry has not just utilized the encryption capabilities but also exploited vulnerabilities to propagate. WannaCry gained prominence due to its worm-like propagation method and also due to sheer fact that the Eternal Blue vulnerability used by it was in fact found in the arsenal of NSA.

However, for the past week, WannaCry wasn’t the only Ransomware which wreaked havoc; Wallet and JAFF have also dominated, although the focus was on WannaCry.

Our R&D team has released the breakdown of the various Ransomware attacks in the past week, and added that in the coming few weeks there would be an increase in such attacks. However, we also observed increased activity amongst the various variants and families of different Ransomware, vying for the top position.


From the available statistics, it is apparent that Wallet/Jaff Ransomware commanded 32% of the total Ransomware incidents, while WannaCry was at 28%. There are other families of Ransomware which have continued to maintain their onslaught, however; these are intermittent attempts which just add up to the numbers. Furthermore, it is to be noted that Ransomware, be it any variant of any family, is the most destructive piece of malware to have ever been created.

The cyber-crime ecosystem thrives on:

  • Fame
  • The depth of the attack
  • Stability of the infection
  • Reliability of the Malware
  • The most important of all, the ability of the authors to provide FUD (Fully Undetectable) at a very fast pace.

Cyber Criminals are aware of these facts and in order to increase their revenue and grab their share of spoils are working hard to unleash a new wave of destruction. This reinstates the fact the perils of Ransomware are still to be ascertained in terms of the damages it would cause. Apart from that, the attacks are going to be more aggressive and stealth in their ways and means, than before.  The future is also uncertain, due to the fact that the anonymity offered by Crypto-Currencies has been embraced by cyber-criminals and till the crypto-currencies are not in check, criminals will elude the law by staying anonymous.

There is also stiff competition amongst the various families of Ransomware, as to who is the best and better of all and as we can observe, the fight for the top place has already begun. This creates another larger threat in terms of proving who is bigger; the attackers would compete with each other wreaking havoc worldwide. In view of such possibilities, it is imperative that every user of technology takes utmost precautions and remain alerted towards the outbreaks, so as to stop the evils of Ransomware.

Moreover, this competition would ensure that Ransomware would occupy the topmost position across the entire Threat-Landscape for years to come.

Readers are invited to visit the Threat-Assessment, so as to keep themselves informed about the various on-going attacks happening across the globe.

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