New Ransomware now Accepting Gift Cards

Ever wondered how your Amazon Gift Card can be used as payment for Ransomware? The answer is probably ‘yes’, thanks to the wily cyber criminals. According to the latest research of eScan, a new file encrypting program has been discovered named TrueCrypter, which is used by the hackers to extort money from the users.

What is TruCrypter Ransomware?

It is a Ransomware, which prohibits the users from accessing their personal document files, zip files and a host of other files. The victims cannot access their files unless they have a private key, which is owned by the malware author and in order to obtain the key, the victim has to pay ransom amount to the cyber-criminal in virtual currency, such as Bitcoins.

So how does it work?

The malware enters into the user’s system through a spam e-mail attachment. It can also distribute through malicious websites, third party software downloads etc. Firstly, it will check if the process is running under Sandboxie. This is a sandbox based isolation program for 32 and 64-bit Windows NT-based operating systems. Secondly, if Sandboxie is present, it would terminate the processes and not continue. In addition, it will kill process related to the Task Manager (taskmgr.exe) and other security programs. Next, it would proceed to encryption. TruCrypter Ransomware uses AES-256 encryption, which encrypts the following extensions: .xlsx, .docx, .jpeg, .pptx files. During the process of encryption, Shadow volume copies are deleted and in addition to it, the victim’s wallpaper is changed with an image containing a message, which states that files are encrypted and the victim must pay 2-5 Bitcoins or $ 115 USD in Amazon gift cards.

What should you do?

If you are using anti-virus other than eScan, we advise you to make use of eScan Rescue Disk which provides a Windows based clean environment that not only helps to scan and clean the system but also to fix the Windows registry changes done by destructive Malware like TrueCrypt. To know more about eScan Rescue Disk, click: It is recommended to update your antivirus software (eScan), which will protect your system from all kinds of Malware attacks and maintain backup of your data on regular basis.


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  1. This topic blows my mind every time I read about it. Such a real issue today and so important to be protected against ransomware.

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