How Safe is your Android phone?
Are you an Android phone or Tablet user? If yes by now you would have experienced some of the risks of it.

Over the past year we have witnessed various Malware from Adult Player to SLocker affecting Android Phone users, which means that it is extremely important for Android users to protect themselves. And the danger is not only malware, but also the threat of privacy loss from apps.

The number of Android apps infected with malware in Google’s Play store nearly quadrupled between 2012 and 2016. Cyber criminals are creating malicious apps in devious attempt to steal personal details and advertisers use it as a marketing channel by bundling pushy ads with apps. In the first case, the users’ mobile security is clearly compromised as it can violate user privacy by collecting personal information of the user such as phone numbers, contacts and email addresses etc. In the second one, the ad-app bundle is seldom mentioned, so users who download it unknowingly face a mobile privacy threat such as permissions, which allow applications to do multitude of things, including recording of phone calls, tracking a person’s location, lets users remotely read texts, Facebook messages, viewing browsing history and even see how much battery the phone has left. Cowboy Adventure developed by Tinker Studio was a popular game in Play Store with millions of downloads.  eScan research team  found that it apparently compromised  Facebook login credentials of more than a million users.

eScan Mobile Security for Android delivers next generation protection to protect users against wide range of threats, loss, unsafe apps, privacy threats and even from theft and the above mentioned threats. This eScan’s power pack app helps to protect the personal information of the user by taking backup of contacts and SMS message. It also facilitates content filtering of calls and SMS’ based on parameters set through its Whitelist and Blacklist feature.

Privacy Protection and Anti-Theft

According to latest report from Strategy Analytics, 97% of Smartphones in India are run in Android. Despite much percentage of Android Users, they are still careless when it comes to privacy of their mobile phone. Many apps in the Play Store do not contain Malware; they can still collect and log more data about you than you want.  It doesn’t look easier for everyone to keep track of, Privacy Advisor feature of eScan, which provides you the complete list of application using device permissions in a classified format. This helps you to keep a check on the security level of all applications installed. eScan Mobile Security for Android also provides an easy anti – theft solution to your phone from any unauthorized access on the event if your phone device is lost or stolen.  The anti-theft feature has the options such as Block, Data Wipe, SIM Watch, Lock Watch and Scream.

Good use habits are not enough

Due to wily nature of cyber-criminals, malware has become complex as a result anyone can fall into the trap. We recommend our users and readers the following tips to stay safe from getting your mobile device attacked

  • Download an antivirus (eScan) and update it on frequent basis.
  • Download apps from their official website or Google Play Store instead of unknown sources.
  • Download applications of a reliable app developer. In addition, check the user ratings and reviews of the app.

Key Features eScan Mobile Security for Android

  • Effective Real-Time Scanning
  • Call and SMS Filter
  • Backup and Restore of Contacts and SMSs
  • Advanced Web Protection and Parental Control
  • Effective Application Control
  • Scheduled Scanning
  • Privacy Advisor
  • Anti-Theft
  • Personal Security
  • Lock Watch
  • eScan Widget



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