eScan empowers Businesses to defend against RANSOMWARE
Last couple of months has seen an unprecedented growth of attacks by Ransomware, and it has cost millions of dollars in loss to businesses. Apart from the valuable data and IP losses, it has crippled many organizations for their day to day business.

The growth of Ransomware attacks estimated to be more than 172% since last year. This gives a vivid picture of the growing cyber-attacks towards businesses.

Our research team after deep evaluation of the trend and cybercrime patterns by Ransomware attacks has developed the state of the art PBAE Technology, which analyses any suspicious file, attachment or mail and checks its behavior and if found for any suspicious behavior is either quarantines or the service is stopped immediately. This helps the organization to reduce the damage caused by Ransomwares. Based on this technology, eScan has launched 2 latest version of its products for business that are “eScan Total Security Suite for Business and eScan Internet Security Suite for Business”.

As per our market research study, we found that most of these small to midsize business houses, do not have in house skilled IT teams or they completely depend on their SI partner for all IT maintenance. Hence, eScan designed the products in a way that is easy to deploy and use, while robust enough to provide real time protection against any untoward Ransomware attacks.

To address the growing cyber-crimes against business houses, eScan has constantly strived to provide complete security needs of business segment specifically.

Some of the key benefits of eScan business products are;

Anti – Ransomware: The Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine (PBAE) Technology monitors the activity of all processes on all Local Machine and whenever PBAE encounters an activity or behavior which is reminiscent of a Ransomware, a red flag is raised and the process is rendered inactive from conducting any further damage.

Outbreak Prevention: Allows administrator to enforce outbreak prevention measures to respond to and contain the outbreak.

Web Security: It blocks malicious and phishing websites. Administrator can restrict or allow access to websites as per security policy.

Application Control: Allows Administrator to block unwanted applications running on client computer.

Policy Criteria: Roaming users are connected to the network from multiple locations. A separate security policy can be assigned for each different type of connection, such as wireless or Ethernet, home network.

In addition to above features, these products provide a single view SIEM (Security Incidents and Event management) report to administrators to manage & control the endpoints. This provides reports of the managed endpoint like startup, shutdown, logon and log off, remote session connects, disconnects etc. With this report the administrator can trace the user Logon and Logoff activity along with remote sessions that took place on all managed computers.

Other features: These products also provides automatic updates, offline updates and update notifications. Customized reports are also provided through Report Templates, which can be generated in a flexible and comprehensive manner.

You can find out more about the products and sign up for a free trial on our website. Download the PBAE whitepaper here.

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