eScan decimates Ransomware Hoax News

Wanna Cry Hoax

Wanna Cry Hoax

WannaCry Ransomware has attacked computers as many as in 150 countries, all over the world and earned a payment of about 300$ in return to unlock the stolen data. Post this, social media and instant messaging applications were flooded with hoax texts/news to safeguard the audience against attacks. Some of the texts may have been intentional while many of them turned to be untrue.

Following the carnage and mayhem caused by WannaCry, we were pleasantly surprised to find all sorts of advisories making rounds in the social networking circles. Many of them were outrageous, while others tickled our funny bone. Here are some of the clarifications to ensure you do not fall prey to these texts:

  • RBI orders Shutdown of ATMs until they are patched and safe

Status: Hoax

RBI has issued clarification that they haven’t issued such orders.

  • Avoid using ATMs and Do not do any online transaction

Status: Hoax

Any computer system infected with Ransomware would display the message that it has been infected. Hence, the moment Ransomware Message is displayed on the ATM Screen; the entire system is rendered useless.

  • Don’t do any online transaction. Don’t open any Shopping cart.

Status: Hoax

Webserver infected with Ransomware would simply be not able to serve the pages. Shopping carts do not store Ransomware.

However, while browsing and downloading software make sure that these executables are scanned by an antivirus.

  • Except Africa all countries IT companies are hacked.

Status: Hoax

No explanations required cause its 100% fake news. When IT organizations get hacked, the information is published all over the internet, TV channels etc. These news pieces aren’t just limited to your limited group of friends.

  • Dance of the Hillary video

Status: Hoax.

We even received an advisory in our inbox which says:

  • Power off smart TVs, tablets, and every other smart device.
  • Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, tethering (also known as Hotspot) on your mobile phones.
  • Switch off your servers (or any other computers that you may leave on 24×7.
  • Disconnect LAN (network, CAT6, CAT5) cable plugging computers or laptops in the network. If it is a laptop, it may have a physical slide switch or button press to switch off WiFi card inside the laptop – Switch That Off.
  • if possible, wait for news from eastern world

Status: Outright funny

This simply means that we should lead the life of an ascetic.

Keep Antivirus On:

Status: 100% True.

No matter what, buy a good antivirus, keep it updated, keep your operating system updated, take precautions, never divulge your personal information, are some of the things one should remember.

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