Email Server Audit Tool (ESAT)

Email Server Audit Tool (E.S.A.T.) will assist administrators / Pen-Testers in

1: Troubleshooting , Configuration Verification.
2: Mail Server Deployment vis’a’vis the configuration of the mail server.
3: Securing the mail server deployment.

Tests of E.S.A.T.

1: Open Relay Test
2: Email Spoof Test
3: Sender Domain Verification Test
4: Auth Test
5: Auth Spoof Test
6: Auth Relay Test

Two files are created
1: timestamp.log – This log contains the complete communication transcript between  ESAT and the Mail Server
2: timestamp_AuditResult.htm – This is the report which outlines the Analysis of the log file.

Refer to the diagram for testing scenarios


ESAT Binaries (573)

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