Do I Really Need An Antivirus Software For My Computer?

“I don’t use Anti-Virus software at all, I am just careful about where I go and what I click on”

“My computer gives me great performance, so I don’t think I require antivirus software”

“I don’t need antivirus software on my computer – it’s not connected to the Internet.”

Above mentioned comments were given by few computer users who do not use AV software. Are you one of them who think they do not require security software for their computer? If yes, then you must think twice.

Technological advancements in virus development have ensured that viruses operate without warning you to their presence. As Malware attacks are becoming even more sophisticated, your computer could be infected and you may not even know it. Window PC’s and Notebooks have long been targets of virus creators. Lately even, Mac Pcs have been increasingly attacked with Trojan horses and other data stealing malware. Viruses can be accidentally installed onto your system from various programs files, Internet, or email attachments. They can also enter your PC via security holes in your operating system.

Unless you are completely protected, hackers can gain access to almost anything stored on your PC with the use of malicious programs.

Need an anti virus software

So, you still think you do not need antivirus software? Then have a look at the below points that will keep you safe even if you do not have an antivirus software.

  •  While browsing the web, one should never click on any third party software and applications, as it may carry malware.
  •  One should stop using the social networking sites, Spyware, Keylogger, Password cracker and Kazy Trojan via Adware infects the computer through social network.
  • One should not access emails, as spam and phishing emails are increasingly targeting consumers and businesses around the world. Users open email attachments and unknowingly download Malware onto their system.
  • One should never connect an USB to the system as threat via removable media like USB sticks infects the computer with Autorun.inf virus.
  • One should never use P2P file sharing software. Most of the times users download malicious software through P2P which carries Trojans and other malicious adware.
  • One must never open a PDF file, opening a PDF file can infect the computer, and can also allow hackers to gain access to your data.
  • And most importantly, one must not use a computer/smartphone to stay completely protected.

If a computer user is ready to follow the above restrictions without any compromises, than he/she can choose not to use antivirus software. But if the user misses out on any one of them, then he/she can easily become victim to malware attacks.

There are endless channels through which malware can attack a computer. Once it is in the system, it spread automatically, damages the system files and minimizes the performance of your computer. Therefore it is extremely important that antivirus software is present in the computer system. Below are few tips that will protect your system from such attacks;

  • Use antivirus software such as eScan that protects your system from all kinds of Malware attacks.
  • Enable firewall in your PC so that you can use local networks and the Internet safely.
  • Keep all of the applications and software installed on your computer updated.
  • Keep your computer’s security settings to a higher level.
  • Before downloading any program or software do through research about the reputability of the company that is selling the program or software.
  • Do not open an email attachment sent from an unknown sender, open it only if you are positive about the source.

To see whether your computer system is infected or not, use the Free eScan tool kit from here:

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  1. David Howard says:

    I don’t know which An Antivirus Software For Best For Protect Computer?

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    • Nehan Shaikh says:

      eScan Total Security Suite with Cloud Security for Home and Small Office Edition will give your PC the best possible protection from all kinds of cyber threats.

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