Defeat Ransomware with PBAE Technology

Ransomware is the most favored attack by cyber-criminals as it is one of the easiest ways for them to extract money from victims. Many organizations  have lost the battle against it.

Ransomware  – encrypts files in your system, and will allow you to decrypt them if and only if a Ransom amount is paid.  It can also prevent you from using your web browser, other applications, or entire operating system. If preventative measures are not taken in first place, you end up paying the price.

In recent times we have witnessed new variants of Ransomware. The destructive Locky Ransomware which infected Windows machines by through user’s e-mail as an obfuscated JavaScript, and the email usually pretending to be an official document. There have been other strains of Ransomware infecting Macs and even mobile devices.

To protect it users, eScan has developed the latest technology PBAE (Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine) to provide real time protection for organizations and users against Ransomware attacks. The research team has developed an algorithm based on the behavior of Ransomware programs and protect the IT assets of organizations as well as SOHO users.

Download the whitepaper of PBAE Technology here.


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