Are Smartphone Apps Dangerous For Your Kids?

Nowadays kids are continuously exposed to technology, especially with Smartphones. The advent of user-friendly or kid-friendly apps and the thrill of viewing streaming videos, wallpapers, playing games and much more have made it very difficult for parents to keep their child away from the Smartphone, but the question is How will this affect them later?

smartphone-kidsSmartphones are very convenient and certainly they have made our lives easier as we use them for everyday tasks. But along with being convenient they are also dangerous in many aspects. Giving the Smartphone in the hands of a kid whose judgment is not yet fully developed, is not a good idea. Misuse of Smartphones can lead to bad choices and even worse consequences for both parents and their kid.

With a hope to make their child technologically advanced and smart, parents give their Smartphone to them in a very young age, and mostly unattended. Kids are not really aware of what kinds of apps they should download. They usually look at the icon of the app, if it appeals to them, they download it. A kid is not doing any research to find out whether the app is appropriate or not, they will just download it. In this process, they often install violent games or even malicious apps.

But if the child is exposed to games which have violent content, it may lead to aggressive behavior in kids. And if they install any malicious app accidentally onto the phone, they will be unknowingly putting their parents in trouble as all the data in that Smartphone will be at risk.

However, if parents are unable to keep their kids away from the Smartphone, they must keep a password protection for all their installed apps. They must keep a check on what all content their kid is downloading from the app store so that they can take appropriate decisions at the right time. They should also consider using internet protection software to stay safe from any internet related threat.

There is another scenario where parents specially buy a Smartphone for their kids. They argue that personally owned Smartphone will give their kid more room to grow and they can explore better things, which is not possible on shared devices, like a family television or desktop. Now that the kid has complete authority over the Smartphone, he can do whatever he feels like doing. In such cases, kids come across social media platforms and chatting apps such as Yik Yak, KiK Messenger and Whisper that can lead them into a lot of trouble. The registration process of installing such apps requires the user to provide his/her personal information along with their location. In this manner kids get exposed to strangers that they should have not.

Parents do not realize that buying a Smartphone for their kid actually makes them a victim of cyber-bullies. If it is so important to give the child his own Smartphone, parents must take appropriate precautionary steps. The kid must not be given constant access to the internet, parents should have a check on downloads on their kid’s Smartphone, they must install monitoring software to track the activities of their kids; appropriate security software should be installed on their kid’s Smartphone.

After considering all the requirements of the parents, eScan security for Android offers App Control feature that allows locking of all the apps, which can only be accessed by entering the correct password. Its Parental Control feature helps parents to keep an eye on their child’s online activity. Parents can also check the security level of all applications installed on their kid’s device with the Privacy Advisor feature.

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