New Ransomware that charges $500 to Unlock your Android Device

Our security researchers have recently encountered a new Ransomware in Android, which is used by hackers to extort money from users called Android.Trojan.SLocker.D

What is Android.Trojan.SLocker.D Ransomware?

It is a ‘Fake FBI Alert’ malware, which locks out Android users from accessing their phone. Victims cannot access their phone unless they have paid the ransom amount demanded by the cyber-criminals.

How does Android.Trojan.SLocker.D Ransomware work?

It typically propagates as a spam email attachment or an APK file pretending to be an Adobe Flash Player update. When the Android user presses “Ok” to continue, a FBI warning is displayed on the screen which prevents the user to navigate away.  In addition to it the fake FBI message informs the victim that they have broken the law by visiting pornographic website. It was also found that screenshots of browsing history of the victim is displayed. The scammer claims to have screenshots of victims face and knows their location.

This type of Ransomware demands $500 in form of Money Pak or PayPal My Cash transfers as a release fee and if victim attempts to unlock the device without paying the money, the amount is increased to $1500.

Our researchers also found that malware victim’s files were not encrypted instead home screen and back button is disabled and when the phone is restarted the malware still remains.

So how can we safeguard ourselves against Android.Trojan.SLocker.D Ransomware?

Below are some tips suggested for same:

  • Use trustworthy antivirus software (eScan) on your phone and update it on regular basis.
  • Download applications from their official website or from an official store such as Google Play for Android.
  • Open emails only if you are positive about positive about the source.
  • Regularly backup your important files.

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