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    A very well written explanation why we must deal with .RU malware distrbuted domains. For Russia to fix their system properly before releasing .RU domains into beloved internet.

    Sadly, not even one single Russian I know would notice & try to fix this legendary procedural corrupted scheme, for the anti malware researchers to pay with sweat and tears.

    Good essay, dont let the echo stops!

    You know who we are,


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    1. 1.1

      R Sachin

      These are the flaws in a business process and takes a herculean effort to change them.
      R Sachin

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    Sorry for necroposting, but you are not quite right.
    Clause 9.6.2 IS NOT requires mandatory verification, it is just states the list of data, which is kept in registry. It is similar to 3.3 clause of ICANN’s RAA2013.
    Time-frame for clause 9.3.7 is NOT one year, it is 7 days (compare to 15 days of RAA2013) after registrar’s request to update/confirm data.
    And, of cause, domain is suspended immediately (well, sort of) after request of competent organization (http://cctld.ru/en/registrators/competent/ , but Russian variant http://www.cctld.ru/ru/registrators/competent/ is more populated). Please note, that such complaint should contain proofs (not just – “There are dragons!”-type complaints, which is loved to be used by Spamhaus-like organizations).

    Sorry, my English is little (or not litlle) rusty, so please bear with me.

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    1. 2.1

      R Sachin

      Thanks for the comment. Replied via : http://blog.escanav.com/2014/03/18/ru-part-ii/

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