Threat Report Stats
  • Phishing : 220052
  • Malware : 2238794
  • Ransomware : 8499
  • Executable : 2553653

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    O Kaul

    Interesting- I can further add for SMS alerts for Net Banking. Option is available for Customers to activate/ deactivate SMS alerts in net banking
    Since phisher has access to cust account, at the time of executing ecms, they generally deactivate SMS alerts, hence true customer may not get alert for this txn

    Customers need to be cautious while giving inf over phone. Phishers generally call posing as bank staff and customers knowingly/ unknowingly part with sensitive information – God only can help in this case!!!

    Public has to be alert/ smart/ vigilant- public awareness can also reduce these incidents

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      R Sachin

      Yes. you are right.

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      1. 1.1.1


        It’s spooky how cleevr some ppl are. Thanks!

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