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PBS Hacked – SQL Injection and 0Day Vulnerability

SQL Injection is currently the widely used exploit to hack into servers. The novelty is not in the hack which garnered my attention but the fact that a Pen-Test tool being used to conduct this particular exercise. A few blogs … Continue reading

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Sony Hacked – SQL Injection

Nothing new nor surprising but just an affirmation that Sony’s woes are far from over. Sony has been hacked almost 10 times in past three weeks. Though this is of little interest nor would want to specify the do’s and … Continue reading

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E-banking Fraud

This blog is based on the events described in this article, which appeared in Times of India and a few other newspapers. In a nutshell – the accused had managed to transfer huge amount of monies via sms / mobile … Continue reading

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Stars Virus – Experts Sceptical

Some of the industry experts are sceptical about their scepticism of the authenticity of Stars Virus and this blog is an extension of the previous blog on Stars Virus. Logically and rationally, if we look at the political events which … Continue reading

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