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  • Phishing : 220052
  • Malware : 2238794
  • Ransomware : 8499
  • Executable : 2553653

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    Actually difficult to get advised persons on that matter, however you sound like you are aware of exactly what you are writing on! Appreciate it

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      R Sachin

      Hello Abram,

      Humans are still trying to understand the functional working of mind, the decisions it takes. A small example from real-life which is connected to this post – An Art Expert will immediately arrive at the decision about the authenticity of a painting, but will take take an awfully long time to arrive at the conscious conclusion. This example has never been a part of any published research.

      Someone once told me – “conveying your thoughts to other is difficult, converting your thoughts / ideas into actions is a bit more difficult, putting them into written form is the most difficult of all”. But, when it comes to computer applications / algorithms, the additional task is to replicate the functional aspect which provides the same result, in this case – identifying the anonymous author.


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