Hacked – Website of Chief Electoral Officer Maharashtra

A few moments ago, while browsing through Election Commission’s website for finding some information, I literally stumbled upon this.

Hacked website Image

Chief Electoral Officer’s (Maharashtra) website facilitates voters, who want their voter record to be modified (Online) or submit online applications for addition or to deletion of record.

I am still UNAWARE whether the database has been compromised or not and this has not yet been confirmed by any competent authorities, but since the hacker has managed to upload and modify the landing page, I am unable to comment on the integrity of the database.

As observed from earlier experiences with the Governments in such eventualities, Government organizations (of any country) will always refuse to acknowledge that their database has been compromised. They will go to any extent to conduct cover-up operations.

Un-authorized access to voter’s database is the worst-case scenario for any entity whether it’s the hacker or a government or the voter. From this hack, it is evident that the integrity of Election Commissions’ database is questionable.

What may happen if voter’s database is hacked? I leave this question to be answered by the reader’s imagination and experience.

Fact – Though India has made huge inroads in IT Sector but still majority of Indians, who are a part of Voter’s data-bank aren’t IT savy, so even if their data gets modified or an unborn entity is added into their family they are just not going to know.

Here is a link to India’s literacy program and its statistics and I am not saying anything about IT and Hacking Literacy.

Literacy in India
Comparative Literacy Statistics

Update : After almost 20 hrs

The page has been removed and the form has been blocked. But there has not been a single word spoken about this in the Indian Press nor a statement has been issued by Chief Electoral Officer or Election Commission of India regarding this hack and the authenticity of the database and other infrastructure.

Secondly, though the page has been blocked/removed, but has the admin patched up his vulnerable server? I rather guess not.Reminds me of my past post (point no2 last sentence).

Anyway, this is not the First for Election Commission of India. Can EVMs be hacked? Yes or No.

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