Cyber crime rising sharply in India

This blog is based on this News Article

According to this news article there has been a rise in the detection of cyber-crime cases in India, when compared with the figures of the year 2009.

I would say, awareness is increasing within the netizens of India. The thumb rule of Crime is that – Ignorance is bliss. Many of the crimes go undetected eg. According to a recent study , India ranks no. 2 as a spam relay. Unauthorised usage of your bandwidth is a crime, whether its a Incomming SPAM or an Outgoing one or a plain old DDOS Attack.

From the above article it is evident that, in India – undetected incidents are very high. Now what could be the cause of this?

1: Cyber Act 2000 and the Ammendments lack the killer punch. Reading this is more like revisiting a kid’s story book with vague definitions and numerous loopholes.

2: Cyber Police : in past few years, due to efforts of the Central and State Governments, they are now trying to educate the Officers of the LAW on the nuances of the cyber crime, but very few of them are experts. Theres a saying if you have understood only then you can provide a solution, well no wonder cyber-crime detection rate is so low in India.

As for India, it is still a generation away from becoming one of the best in Cyber-Crime detection.

In the coming years, we will come across higher awareness amongst the Netizens of India and Officers of the LAW and more case studies which will display the statistics.

oops, forgot the most important aspect of Cyber-Crime – the criminal himself. The criminal of Cyber India. A brief profile would be something similar to this : Same old Criminal Syndicates which have M power (muscle and money) and a disgruntled IT guy or a teenager who lives in the cyberworld and knows its ways in and out, as their prime weapon.

Interesting times ahead for those teenagers who want to make a career in IT Security, one piece of advice – choose your opponents wisely.

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