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    Manoj Purandare - One of the Satisfied Users of eScan

    End Point Security – itself a jumbling and a word with a half meaning

    This Software Tool may protect you from all types of Software, Hardware, Penetration, Any Unknown User’s Physical Access to your existing PC.

    The facility that a user should get (atleast) can be –
    Protection from Existing User/password leakages, Automatic Application execution (AutoRun)from CD, DVD, Pen / Thumb / any Storage drive device, Other Applications, Mobile Phone, Data Card, Memory Card, Camera, any digital device having storage facility. And many such things that can access and enter in your existing Computer System.

    Many of the Antivirus Companies do not provide them or all of them
    Some are now also working on linking their suites with finger print reader, thumb reader, face reading/recognizition, other means of communication to any Computer System.

    e’Scan is an exception – I feel, its doing good and is ahead of all as per my study.
    Others are not even near to this stage, or not even started to think in this angle.

    Thanks to e’Scan

    Manoj Purandare
    DCM, MCS, Cyber Crime Analyst,
    Cyber Detective

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